2nd Anniversary Reflections

2nd Anniversary Reflections

August 21, 2020

Well another year has passed since I resurrected Write Words Writing Services SM. I’ve definitely learned and my business has grown and evolved throughout these last two years.

I am still wearing many hats: offering my editing and publishing skills; running & updating several websites, and trying to keep up with social media posts.

I’ve left the graphic design and business-to-business aspects behind as I now primarily offer editing and publishing services to new and emerging authors and academics.

Feel free to check out any of my other business websites and Facebook pages:


Updated November 27, 2020

International Editing Services SM

  • IES Facebook – feel free to ‘like,’ ‘follow,’ ‘comment,’ and ‘share’

Linda Wall – Poet


  • TBB Facebook – feel free to ‘like,’ ‘follow,’ ‘comment,’ and ‘share’

You can also find me on LinkedIn

Fourth Dimension Website

  • FDP Facebook – feel free to ‘like,’ ‘follow,’ ‘comment,’ and ‘share’

I take the word ‘services’ in my company name very seriously – and I always approach my clients and their needs with an attitude of Service – to serve.

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