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Business cards


Business cards are generally your potential customers’ first point of contact. You need to create the right image and message in all your marketing materials in order to motivate your future customer to contact you. Starting with your business card.

Business cards are an economical way of offering the initial introduction of your business.

Some marketing specialists encourage you to have your photo on your business card; others say it’s not that important. If you belong to a large corporation, your business card will generally have the company logo on it.

Note: uploading jpgs doesn’t do the projects justice.


Beyond Illusions Bodyworks™


Write Words Writing Services - business cards

Side by side of front and back – Horizontal Layout

Beyond Illusions Bodyworks™ chose to feature a major piece of equipment used in their wellness practice on the reverse side.


Scalar Sound Service™


Write Words Writing Services - business cards

Side by side front and back – Portrait Layout

Scalar Sound Service™ chose to feature one of the many crystal bowls used in their practice on the front side, and featured a picture of the owner on the back side.




Write Words Writing Services - business cards

Side by side front and back – Horizontal layout


Thriving-Baby-Boomers™ chose to feature their logo on the front and text only information on the back of their business card. Check out Thriving-Baby-Boomers here


Linda Wall – Poet


Linda Wall - Poet


To take full advantage of the portability of a business card as a marketing tool, Ms Wall decided generate future interest by including a list of book titles and themes of upcoming books on the back of her business card. See her website here: Linda Wall – Poet



As you can see, business cards can be used for a wide range of purposes and orientations. With Imagination and Creativity one is not limited to the many uses of your business cards.

Business cards come with a wide range of print options from matte finish, to glossy and even gold edged. You choose which print option best sets the tone and image your company wishes to convey.


It’s so satisfying to get emails from clients saying that the work Write Words Writing Services™ did for them met or exceeded their expectations.


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As a business with a social conscience, Write Words Writing Services™ donates 10% of every project and sales transaction to a charitable cause.

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