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Simple Logos


A logo has to be distinctive and memorable to be truly effective – think the McDonald’s™ ‘Golden Arches’ or the Nike™ ‘Swoosh’ (Check mark).


Centre for Spiritual Living – Kamloops

Commissioned to create a logo for a special 1-month event. Created several possible designs for committee approval based on their theme.

Write Words Writing Services - simple logos

From the first showing of the above sample logos the committee picked one for second viewing with different fonts.

Write Words Writing Services - simple logos

And the winner is – the top left image with Berlin font.

Write Words Writings Services - simple logos


Recycling Queen™


My daughter has always been nicknamed The Recycling Queen™ and as she developed her crafting business using many recycled products, she asked me to design her logo.


Write Words Writing Services - logo designs

Recycling Queen – full logo


This second Recycling Queen logo we call a ‘snapshot’ because the full name is not included in the logo.

 Write Words Writing Services - logo design

Recycling Queen – snapshot logo




The following is the header image from my other business, Thriving-Baby-Boomers™.

The lotus is the symbol for the business because of the meaning that the lotus evokes when one understands that lotuses grow in the muck and mud of swampy ponds. Thriving-Baby-Boomers™ has collections of essays in each category of being a whole person: emotional, financial, mental, physical, relationships, sexuality, and spirituality. Eventually there will be products and services available in each of these categories as well.

Write Words Writing Services - logo design for

Thriving-Baby-Boomers™ – website header


Write Words Writing Services™


This final logo design is for Write Words Writing Services™. Back through the centuries, a writer would advertise one’s services with a quill or a fountain pen with an ink-well. Write Words Writing Services™ decided to have a more modern look and feel by using more current tools of the trade in this logo design – keys from a computer keyboard.


Write Words Writing Services - logo design

Write Words Writing Services™ – logo


Depending on their purpose and the client’s desires, logos can be simple or very intricate. One main criterion when designing a logo is that it has to look good whether large or small, coloured or black and white.

The sky’s the limit to logo designs.


It’s so satisfying to get emails from clients saying that the work Write Words Writing Services™ did for them met or exceeded their expectations.


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I take the word ‘services’ in my company name very seriously – and I always approach my clients and their needs with an attitude of Service – to serve.


As a business with a social conscience, Write Words Writing Services™ donates 10% of every project  to a charitable cause.


“When you need the right words, contact the Write Words™ professional.”


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