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Helping other writers see their ideas, life or words in print is the motivation and purpose for Write Words Writing Services SM.

Whether you want to share your life story with family and friends, or have a larger book project that needs to be seen, heard and read by a much wider audience, you’ve come to the right place.


For publishing purposes, a book should have enough pages to be at least one inch in thickness in order to get the book title and the author’s name on the spine, otherwise, the sky’s the limit for types, styles and topics of books.

With today’s technology – computers and the Internet – writers and publishers can be half way around the world from one another and still ‘meet’ and have a productive and successful working relationship.


Write Words Writing Services is specializing on editing academic papers for clients pursuing their BA, MA, or Ph.D.s and guiding emerging authors through the publishing process.


Current Project(s)


On A Wing And A Prayer


 Everyone has a story to tell.


Write Words Writing Services SM is currently working with a client on her life story of her journey through the medical system as she discovered and recovered with Bi-Polar II Disorder. A fascinating story that needs to see the light of day.


Tentative release date March 30, 2022 (Bipolar Awareness Day)

From the Foreword of the book:

If you are someone, or know someone who is afflicted with mental health/ bi-polar disorder and the challenges that it presents including: the societal stigma and misunderstanding by friends and family, and the feelings of isolation and loneliness that can be a part of the disorder, this is a must read…

It allows you to get up close and personal with the darkness, hopelessness, despair and utter fear that can accompany those with mental health disorders.

You will be taken on the journey of an individual who never gave in, never gave up and persevered despite the odds that were stacked against her. With an unwavering faith, and a sheer belief in self; Jannie’s memoir is a real life story of the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. It is a story of Hope, Strength, Courage, Love, Trust and Faith – a true testament of never giving up on your dreams, and never taking ‘no’ for an answer.  

Wayne T.

Family Support Worker

Poetry Collection

by Linda Wall

There seems to be two themes flowing through this collection of poems:

Nature/Spirituality and The Human Condition (angst, questioning one’s purpose, etc.)

Tentative publishing date in late 2021.

I take the word ‘services’ in my company name very seriously – and I always approach my clients and their needs with an attitude of Service – to serve.

As a business with a social conscience, Write Words Writing Services™ donates 10% of every project to a charitable cause.


“When you need the right words, contact the Write Words™ professional.”

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